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My Name is Kirk Barnett.

In 2012 I was married to my college sweetheart, raising two of the cutest kids you have ever seen, and had a great job. There was one problem, I was carrying an immense amount of shame for being a closeted gay man.  Suicidal contemplations were becoming regular parts of my day as a result of this shame. 

Thankfully in April of that year some events unfolded that allowed me the chance to step out of the closet. I came out, told everyone that I was gay and was even in serious relationship, and I thought that was it.  What I didn't realize is that you don't just tell everyone you are gay and then all is well in your world. That is when the real work begins.

After 6 years I finally started working on myself to learn who I really am. Through this work I launched The Lighthouse in 2020. A program built around the practice of daily gratitude, positive affirmations, and growth mindset.  We use group dynamics to create a safe space to allow members the ability to grow and learn to love themselves.  The goal is to flip the switch inside, so your light shines bright!
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Write Your Story

Your story begins today. 
The authentic you will see the light.  Like a lighthouse guides a lost ship to port, let me help illuminate your path to you.

We will work through the obstacles that come your way as you navigate out of the closet. 

This course we will develop strategies to help overcome barriers and encourage you to recognize yourself, so you are not adrift.  My experience will help you get to your true self faster. 

The Lighthouse is a beacon that helps guide you to your authentic self. In this we help bust through the barriers that hold you back from owning who you are.  We will work through areas of your life that are causing your journey to stall.    
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The Lighthouse is for you if you...
  • Still struggle with what other people say about you and your sexuality
  • You carry shame and guilt that you can not release and it slows down your progress to live your life. 
  • You are unable to be yourself around your family because of their beliefs about homosexuality.
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